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Returning User Bonus Packs Empty Returning User Bonus Packs

Post by Deaken on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:25 am

So for the returning user bonus, I had:

1000+ GP
4000 players in my collection
600k+ pucks

With these totals, my returning user bonus was 30 packs. For those who are collecting a large number of returning user bonus packs, I would suggest opening them one at a time and assigning/quickselling the cards you want to keep before opening the next pack. All items that are not sent to your collection (there's a 60 card limit on the consumables this year) will end up in an "inbox". THis inbox has a 100 card capacity, which, after opening 30 12 card packs, resulted in my having well over 100 cards in the inbox. The problem here is, once your inbox is over it's limit of 100 cards, you can't exit the inbox screen until you are under that number. If you've also purchased some packs (the returning user bonus cards are untradeable/quicksell for 0 pucks) you can send some cards off to auction, but there's a good chance you'll end up having to sell a ton of cards to be able to go into your collection and thin it out so you can assign what you want assigned where you want it assigned.


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